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Hovershoes are separate hoverboards for each of your feet

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Fans of human-powered transport can already choose between having both feet on a skateboard, or each foot in a rollerblade. If you're more into motorized self-balancing devices, though, you've been pretty much stuck putting both feet on a hoverboard. That's not the case with Hovershoes.



As can be seen in the picture, this setup allows for some wacky maneuvers that wouldn't be possible with a one-piece unit. There's also another claimed advantage. "What's cool about them is that each one is self-balancing on its own, so the rider won't run into an issue where one foot dictates the movement of the other because they're hinged with a bridge," InMotion CEO Rose Wang tells us.

That said, from the looks of the product's webpage, it is possible to join them together via a rod-like attachment, temporarily converting them into the equivalent of a regular hoverboard.

Each Hovershoe 3.6kg has a 250-watt motor powered by a 54-Wh battery, that should be good for a maximum range of 10km per 2-3hours charge. They have a top speed of 5 mph, can tackle grades of up to 9 degrees, and are able to support a maximum payload of 130kg. They're also IP65 waterproof, meaning they're dust-tight, and resistant to water projected by a nozzle.


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