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Folding Electric Power Assist Kick Scooter for Adults

Now, Sunweel has launched an E9 electric scooter, it changed the modern way of travel and has an extremely lightweight folding body.

When riding a Sunweel E9 electric booster scooter, all you have to do is push your foot down the floor, the scooter can go at constant speed as its current speed. 10km of electric cruising range any time, anywhere lightweight your daily travel.

Equipped with 2600mAh lithium battery, performance safety and durability.The highest electric power speed is 15km/h, which meets daily commuting.

Built-in high sensitivity sensor, only need to pedal the ground when using, the scooter will start electric booster mode.
Equipped with front and rear shock absorbers to ensure an excellent ride experience.

When you don't need to use electric booster, you just need to turn off the power switch. At this time, E9 is an excellent manpower scooter.

Choose Sunweel E9 and let it take you through every corner of the city !!!
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