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Electric Bicycles Race Ahead Of City

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The revolution in cycling in recent years is fantastic, with so many people feeling the benefit of extra exercise. As cycle ownership and use has risen, it has naturally been accompanied by an increase in the ownership and use of electric cycles.

Now, before people with very jerky knees dust off their indignation, I want it to be clear that I am fully aware that there are people for whom electric cycles are a godsend.

Some older people and those with disabilities might find these bikes giving them more freedom - and exercise they wouldn’t have had.

But if you have bought an electric bike because you fancy a break from pedalling uphill. There are so many facets to ride electric bike: being in the open air; getting to places that can’t be reached by car; nipping about in the city while motorists fume in queues; seeing nature and architecture as you pedal by; improving your health and fitness.

For taking the exercise out of cycling electric bike also removes a massive element of fun. I love pushing myself to the limit on a ride - making my brow (and just about every other part of my body) sweat and my thighs burn.

If you want to switch to two wheels, buy a proper electric bicycle and feel the burn.

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