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Double Battery Pack on Electric Citycoco Harley Scooter

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To prolong the range per charge on the Electric Citycoco Harley Scooter, we can enlarge our battery capacity. But the space on the citycoco frame is limited. On the latest citycoco we have settle this problem. Two big battery pack are installed on the harley scooter. Both lithium battery pack is 60V 20Ah, on 1000W motor, the max range can be reached on 100km per charge.


This is the best solution on urban transportation, and also for scooter rental business. The both battery packs are easy to be detached for charging.

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As other citycoco we have, front & rear shock suspensions, big fat tires, comfortable driver and pessagner's seat with backrest. This model will be popular in the market also.

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